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We had the opportunity to catch up with Justin Levine '08, who was actively involved in PIKE University during his undergrad years at Penn.

How were you involved with PIKE University?
I attended roughly a dozen PIKE University events as an undergrad. At my first event, I was the only Beta Pi brother present. By my last event, we had 15 brothers attending. I tried to soak up as much of the experience as possible. The sessions not only taught me how to be a better brother, but also how to be a better man. Those lessons will stay with me forever.

You had the honor of being selected to be a part of the International Fraternity's Supreme Council. Share about your experience in that capacity.
I am very humbled and thankful for the experience. It was a tremendous opportunity to serve with some truly wonderful people, including fellow Beta Pi brother Bruce Wolfson, who unquestionably is the biggest reason why the PIKE University program has become so successful. My time on the Council was both rewarding and challenging. We faced some incredibly difficult decisions, and even ended up suspending a few chapters in which I had many, many friends. Those were not easy choices, but they were the right ones.

How do you think your PIKE University experience contributed toward that honorable selection?
The experience helped make me both a better man and a better leader. The lessons learned through PIKE University gave me the confidence to follow my dream and believe that I could affect positive change not solely at my own chapter, but at houses all across the country. I learned that real leaders find ways to reach common goals and to unite the brotherhood behind a singular purpose.

Share how Beta Pi alumni support of both the chapter and the international fraternity made your experience possible.
I don't think undergraduates truly understand how much the alumni love and support their chapters. All of the PIKE University events were funded by alumni donations, and without that support, I and many others would have never had the opportunity to be involved with the University. I think that anyone who had a positive experience through PIKE wants others to share in that joy and the establishment of truly special bonds. None of that is possible without the generosity of Beta Pi alumni.

What would add to encourage alumni to support both Beta Pi and the PIKE University effort?
I would ask them to look no further than my own development to comprehend how vital and influential these events are for young men. The seminars and classes create solid, foundational building blocks for encouraging leaders to affect positive change and development.

Your father, Joel Levine '70, is also a Penn Pike. How did his involvement with the fraternity affect your choice for Beta Pi as your fraternity?
It played a tremendous role. I saw the incredible experience my dad had with PIKE and how he maintained close relationships with many of his fellow brothers. What I marveled most was the ability for him and his friends to pick up where they left off even after extended time apart, after not seeing each other for three, five, even ten years. I knew that I wanted something similar and the opportunity to forge lifelong bonds of friendship. I am proud to follow in my father's footsteps.