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Marty Conroy ’75 Learned About Brotherhood at PiKAWhat made you want to join PiKA?

"The brotherhood was of a diverse background and I was very comfortable there. I made many friends there during rush."

Are there any particular memories you'd like to share from your undergraduate/alumni years at reunions etc.?
"I recall many great nights playing pool or pinball. Watching Star Trek each night in the Chapter room was another highlight. I also recall sleeping on the couch of one of the undergrads to avoid renting a hotel room when I came to my first Founders Night as an Alumnus. Best of all, I met my wife at a mixer in the Rathskellar at PiKA, and she and I attended many a PiKA dance or party. The best man at our wedding was my long time roommate and friend, Todd Wieseneck."

What was your involvement with PiKA like during your undergraduate years?
"The only office I held was chapter secretary. I thoroughly enjoyed the friendship and brotherly relationships I had with many of the undergrads. I resided at the Chapter house for my sophomore and junior years and shared an apartment with three other Pike undergrads in our senior year, as well as the year following our graduation."

How do you stay involved as an alumnus?
"I have only attended one Founders' Day event, but have stayed connected via the fantastic online resources that the alumni association has set up. I've contributed to the Wellon's fund as well as the alumni association and the Scott Mackler ALS run/walk."

Why did you decide to contribute financially, and why do you think it is important for other alumni to do so?
"The fraternity provided stability for me as an undergrad and was the center of many highlights in my undergrad years. The Beta Pi experience is one that should continue to be made available to young men at Penn."

How has your PiKA experience changed/shaped your life?
"As an only child, I had limited close relationships with peers before going to Penn. The experiences I had at PiKA filled a hole in my background and have made me a better, more thoughtful, person."

Why would you recommend joining PiKA to those who may be interested?
"PiKA provides a solid home and the support of a family right in the midst of Penn. For me, the undergraduate experience would have been intimidating but for the support of my brothers, both classmates and upperclassmen."

Do you still keep in contact with any brothers?
"Only via email and through alumni notes."

Can you tell us about your family?
"My wife Flo and I have three children and three grandchildren."

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