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Thanks to Bruce Wolfson '74 for participating in this Q&A. He shares why he joined PiKA, how it helped make him the man he is today, and advice he'd give his younger self.

Why did you join PiKA over other fraternities?
PiKA's leadership, especially Rich Sussman '72 and Jake Levine '73 , had a vision for the chapter that intrigued me. It didn't seem likely, but they delivered on that promise and then some!

How did Beta Pi help make you into the man you are today?
First, it introduced me to the most amazing group of men I have ever known. Second, it was a cause to which I devoted myself with great passion, pushing myself to new limits. Finally, it made me look at myself differently. I knew I had to change if I were going to become a leader of the chapter. Happily, I had great friends and mentors to help me on that journey.

Tell us about a brother who was a mentor or went beyond the call of duty to help you.
Rich Sussman and Jake Levine, together with Paul Zaentz '72, really challenged and encouraged me in my earliest days as a Pike. They remain my go-to guys when life challenges arise.

If you were walking onto the Penn campus as a young freshman, what advice would you give to the younger you?
Join Pike. If you can't join Pike, join something that really matters to you and pursue it with passion and dedication. It's the best way to test and expand your limits, which is why you are at Penn.

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