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This year's three undergraduate brothers who attended the Pike University Academy write in to thank alumni for their support.
Dear Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Pi Alumni,
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend this year's Pi Kappa Alpha Academy in Memphis. The three of us had an unbelievable time. Thanks to your contributions we were able to fly out and participate in the largest Pike Academy that has ever occurred. We were able to meet a number of amazing Pikes and continue to learn what it takes to have a great chapter. We plan to keep in contact with the many people we met at the Academy not just in friendship, but also for the betterment of our chapters by continuously exchanging advice on how to be the best Beta Pi can be. Being present at the Academy allowed us to come one step closer to fully understanding the strength of the bond brotherhood offers us, as well as the amount of incredible men the Fraternity has been able to produce. We truly appreciate all of your support and are proud to call ourselves men of Beta Pi.
Basil Jackson
Jonah Morgenstern-Gaines
Jerry Zhang