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The Pike University Academy, held in Peabody Hotel in Memphis, was a big success this year thanks to your generosity.


Through your generosity, three undergrads -- Basil Jackson, Jerry Zhang and Jonah Morgenstern-Gaines -- as well as alumni advisory board member and former Fraternity chapter consultant, Dan Keefe, were able to attend. It will surprise no one who has visited the chapter recently that the undergrads represented us exceedingly well and took advantage of every opportunity -- academic and social. Dan's dedication and professional experience served the undergrads and the chapter to great advantage. I was privileged to witness all of this because the Foundation held its Board of Trustees meeting at the Peabody to coincide with the Academy.


Thanks to Gregg Ormond for coordinating finances and travel arrangement and special thanks to chapter advisor, Alex Brodsky. Although a wedding prevented him from attending, he was instrumental in getting our delegation to Memphis, and was present though text messages of encouragement throughout the weekend. He has already followed up with Dan and me to ensure that we build on this experience to the benefit of Beta Pi.

Even more than usual, this past weekend was a proud time to be a Beta Pi Pike. The chapter is in a very good place, enjoying outstanding leadership at the undergrad and alumnus levels. Look for big things in the 2013-14 school year.

In φφκα,