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Scott, wife Lynn, and sons Noah and AlexanderThe Beta Pi Alumni Association is  profoundly sad to report that Scott Mackler (Beta Pi 1977) has lost his long and valiant battle with ALS. Even as we mourn his death, let us celebrate his life. Scott confronted an unspeakable challenge and taught us all how to live, even in the face of death. His accomplishments are breathtaking. His incredible sense of humor and selflessness will inspire us all to be better people and to cherish every moment of our lives. Finally, the way in which he and his remarkable family turned a personal tragedy into an opportunity to improve the lives of countless of Scott's fellow ALS sufferers will serve as a model for all of us to emulate. Brother Bruce Wolfson (Beta Pi 1971), President of the IIKA Foundation, has spent a great deal of time this past decade talking about what it means to be a True Pike.  As he recently noted, Scott was the embodiment of a True Pike. May Scott's soul rest in peace and his family, fraternity brothers, and many friends be comforted.

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