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My fellow Beta Pi Alumni,

I have had the pleasure of serving as your Association President for a little over a year, after having served as your Treasurer for the previous ten. Joel Catania '71 was our President during the first ten years since our Association's founding, and now serves as your Treasurer. Ross Weiner '80 is your Vice President and Mort Cohen '65 is your Secretary. We are all excited to serve as your Alumni Association leadership.

I have been working with your officers and the undergraduate leadership over the summer to make plans for the coming academic year's alumni events and activities, and hope to be in a position to announce the year's activities and dates in our next eLetter which will be released about this time in August. I hope that by announcing dates early in the year, you will take the time to schedule them and plan on attending those that interest you. It will allow you the opportunity to reconnect with the guys that you spent so much time with during your undergraduate years and probably have not connected with lately. Yes, doing that requires an effort, and we all have business, family and other conflicts that often result in our "skipping" a Beta Pi Alumni event. But I ask today, that you change that thought process, and make a point of attending at least one alumni event in the coming year.

I had an hour and a half conversation with my junior year roommate, Rick Heaslip '74, just last week. We could not decide when the last time we saw each other or had even spoken on the phone, but agreed it was too long, perhaps five or more years. We spent the telephone conversation catching up on family, classmates, careers, and fraternity; it was wonderful. One thing about alumni events that Rick pointed out stayed with me though. He said even though he lives a short distance from Penn, and even teaches a class periodically at Penn, he will often not attend Homecoming or Founders' Day because he does not know if any of our classmates will be in attendance. He was so right, and we need to change that.

I am going to ask each of you to make a point of inviting your fellow pledge brothers to attend events with you next year. We have the ability to keep track of who has signed up for events and to provide you with email addresses of those you would like to contact and invite to attend with you. With a modicum of effort you can ensure that not only will you enjoy the event, but you will also have lots of your fraternity brothers there as well. Penn's Homecoming is November 1, 2014. Some of us from out of town will arrive Friday and we will get together for an informal dinner. Saturday is the game and post-game reception at the House, details to follow. Sunday, again, those of us from out of town will get together for breakfast and then perhaps spend some time together in Philly during the day before our flights. It is all pretty casual and relaxed. Why not reach out by phone or email NOW, to a couple of guys that you would like to see there and ask them to save the date? In the process, you may find yourself spending a wonderful time reconnecting with one or two of your best friends like I did with Rick last week.

In the Bonds,
Gregg J. Ormond