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Beta Pi's trip to the International Convention this year was a great success with five undergraduates and six alumni in attendance. The convention in the historic city of Baltimore was a landmark event for the International Fraternity, which succeeded in surpassing its $10 million campaign for Pike University, but also for our chapter. We were able to learn new tools for success in areas such as recruitment and leadership, plan for the future, and meet great Pikes to swap stories and experiences with from all across the country (and Canada, too).


The impressive host of speakers gave each attendee an incredible opportunity for growth. We took lessons in leadership from Josh Bernstein, a noted archaeologist and television personality who gave advice garnered from his own experience working for both the History and Discovery channels, as well as a two term president of the Cornell's Pike chapter. Pike University's President, Darius Sidebotham gave an informative lecture on the importance of aspiring to more in the area of recruitment and branding in order to achieve the most that most possible both as individuals and as an organization as a whole. Kim Novak, Memorial Headquarters' Risk Management expert, was also able to approach and teach a subject that is unpopular, yet essential, and give Beta Pi some resources and ideas that have been severely lacking in the past.

Plans for Beta Pi's immediate future were also discussed. Under the leadership of sophomore Jared Sobel, the chapter will work to initiate a Speaker Series this semester, bringing alumni and other notable speakers to discuss their work and experience. We also discussed the agenda for this semester's brotherhood retreat in order to ensure that no active is left idle, fully embracing their fraternal experience. On a lighter note, we were able to enjoy the simpler parts of Convention as well: walks by the harbor, great seafood, and watching the Baltimore Orioles take on the Seattle Mariners. We are also proud to say that Beta Pi walked away with a Scholarship Plate, with the third highest Grade Point Average of any Pike chapter in the country.

- By Guillermo Avila (