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There are plenty of reasons to maintain your connections with Beta Pi long after graduation, and I thank the brothers who have remained active in their alumni years. For those of you who have been active and those that may have fallen away from PiKA, we've compiled 7 great reasons to make this the year you renew or increase your commitment to our chapter, both financially and through active participation. 


1. Our longstanding legacy at 3916 Spruce St. The beautiful PiKA facility is a gem on campus with a rich history. Our house serves as your forever home at Penn. Come back to meet the current actives who live there and revisit your own memories living within the walls. We are also facing some new challenges regarding our legal and financial relationship with Penn. Come to the Homecoming Alumni Meeting on Saturday morning to find out more, or send me an email at

2. We like to celebrate. Our record-attendance Founders' Day celebration this spring, with more than 100 brothers attending, is proof of that. This year we're providing even more opportunities to reunite with your Beta Pi brothers. Click here to see more details of our upcoming events, including Homecoming, Parents Weekend, and the Old Guard Lunch all set for this Fall.

3. We're working hard for you and getting more volunteers involved, too. Our growing roster of alumni officers and volunteers enables us to do even more to enhance your alumni experience and to mentor our active chapter. We hope to expand our volunteers to include area and class year representatives. If you are interested in participating, send me an email at

4. The active chapter is expanding our presence on campus. As the fourth-largest fraternity at Penn, Pike brothers are involved in a multitude of campus and community activities that spread PiKA's legacy to fellow students, faculty and potential recruits. They are also launching a Speaker Series to build stronger connections with PiKA alumni and to strengthen their career-development skills for after graduation. The fall lineup includes Faculty Advisor, Rick Heaslip '74, Harvey Mackler '72 and one of the undergrad's employers, who is a Penn grad. We are also working on recruiting participants for the spring. If you would like to participate, let me know.

5. We're a more than generous group. Last year, 80 loyal donors chipped in to contribute nearly $12,000, the second-highest annual fund total we've raised since our alumni association was founded a decade ago. We've done many great things with that support. But in order to meet our ever increasing expenses, we need to increase both the number of donors and the average gift. Can I count on you to help recruit brothers and dig a little deeper in your pocket this year?

6. We offer plenty of ways for you to reconnect with old friends and with Beta Pi. From our frequent events, newsletters, monthly eLetters and our online community, there are great and fun ways to find old friends and make new ones. We now have email addresses for over 700 alumni and good mailing addresses for approximately 95% of alumni. So we are connected!

7. You're the key to our past, and the link to our future. As a thriving alumni association nearly 1,200 strong, we boast generations of brothers that have contributed to our rich history. We have collectively preserved traditions, enriched lives of young men, and kept a thriving organization going strong at Penn for almost 100 years. You have a unique place in that history, and are asked to maintain your connections to pay forward for future generations.

We've got a longstanding legacy, a thriving active chapter, a growing roster of volunteers, and a strong alumni base. If you haven't been involved the past few years, I personally invite you to renew your participation this fall. If you have, get a few of your pledge brothers involved. As you can see, there's no reason not to.

In the Bonds,
Gregg J. Ormond, President
Beta Pi Alumni Association