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By Chapter President Guillermo Avila

Homecoming came to Beta Pi this year accompanied by a bunch of cold and rainy weather, and correspondingly the day's activities were more disjointed than in past years. Early (for me) on Saturday morning, I attended the Alumni meeting regarding the state of the house, which definitely reinforced how grateful I am for having an alumni association that does its best to be involved and transparent with the undergraduates. Thanks to the planning of Alumni Relations Chairman Vinay Raj, we were able to enjoy bagels, doughnuts, and coffee to warm us up on a chilly morning. 

As some of the alumni bravely ventured to see Penn take on Brown, many of the undergraduates chose to remain indoors and wait for others to arrive. Though our usual outing to the football game and post-game barbecue were not able to go on as planned, I believe that the lack of formality, in some ways, made it very clear why Homecoming is wonderful. Regardless of initiation year or age, as alumni visited throughout the day, undergraduates were all eager to offer them a beer, introduce themselves, show them around the house, and celebrate what we all have in common. I saw active brothers enthusiastically, and proudly, presenting the trophy case, the new study room, as well as explaining future plans for the front room in the basement. A personal highlight of my weekend was showing a former SMC the chapter's ritual room and receiving advice on how to organize it so that it is more enjoyable and accessible for future classes. As a result, our chapter Historian Alec Ward will now execute a "freshening up" of the Ritual Room, which should be a sight to see by the time Founders Day rolls around on March 28th. Regardless of climate, there is always warmth, friendliness, and brotherhood at 3916 Spruce Street, and the chapter thanks everyone who came out and made the weekend a great time!

- Guillermo Avila, Chapter President