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We have some urgent news to report: we've seen a drastic drop in alumni donations this year. To date in 2014-15, we've raised $4,700, compared to $8,375 during the same time period last year.

Simply put, we rely on alumni contributions to continue our thriving alumni relations program (which yielded record attendance at Founders' Day this year) and to support a strong active chapter (that is excelling on campus), and carry on our longstanding legacy at Penn. Without alumni financial support, we would not exist. Our growing list of volunteers is working hard to make your alumni experience the best that it can be, so please do your part to ensure we can carry on the legacy and traditions of Beta Pi in our alumni years.

Please help us to recruit more donors for the Honor Roll, and dig a little deeper into your own pocket this year. Our success is dependent on you! Click here to make your gift to the annual fund.