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Get A Glimpse Into What The Chapter is DoingThe actives at Pi Kappa Alpha are flourishing! There’s a lot of goings-on at the undergraduate chapter.

Executive Conference

The Chapter Executives Conference at Pike Memorial Headquarters was attended by 3 Beta Pis: Charlie Heinz ’16 (President), Daniel Secor ’16 (Treasurer), and James Townsend ’17 (Recruitment Chair). These three chapter leaders went to gear themselves up for the school year, and came back with ideas to make the chapter more productive and successful - such as an internal house points system and a more effective dues collection system.

Heinz, Secor, and Townsend had a chapter meeting to discuss the implementation of a Risk Manager, with the elimination of the brother at large role. After being put to a vote to the remainder of the chapter, the role was implemented, and the brother at large role removed from the chapter.

Overall, this was a worthwhile experience and an enlightening one for the executives that went to the conference.

Speaker Series

Our Alumni Speaker Series, led by sophomore Jared Sobel (Engineering ’17) is well under way. Last semester, new Faculty Advisor Dr. Rick Heaslip ’74 came to speak to chapter about his work, life experiences, and time at Beta Pi. This semester, University Trustee, Howard Marks ’64, founder of Oaktree Capital Management spoke to the chapter on February 26th.

Cycle for Life

This spring will be the chapter’s second annual Cycle for Life event. Cycle for Life is an event planned by Pikes all over the country, in honor of Brother Taylor Trudeau, a UNH Pike who passed away after a year-long battle with Leukemia in August of 2008. Teams of Penn students will sign up to cycle for the duration of the event, in order to raise money for research to find a cure for Lymphoma, Leukemia, and Melanoma.

The basic idea behind this is there are several teams that bike for distance. Riders bike as long as they can until they eventually tag out for another team member due to exhaustion. The new rider then follows suit. The team with the longest total distance biked wins a prize, but the real winners are the foundations looking for a cure for Lymphoma, Leukemia, and Melanoma.

We wish everyone that participates good luck and strong legs!

Pledge Event Donation

Our youngest initiated class raised $700 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation last April, and received support from Penn President Amy Gutmann for the effort. The fundraiser took place at the end of the last school year over the course of a week.

National Convention

At the national convention, the Beta Pi brothers were recognized for having the third highest GPA out of all of the Pi Kappa Alpha chapters nationally.

The undergraduate chapter is working very hard to put their best image out there. The Beta Pi chapter is constantly growing, constantly evolving, and constantly becoming better Pikes. We wish them prosperity and wisdom during the remainder of the 2014- 2015 school year.