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Meet Us For Our Founders Day Celebration!Brothers:

Our annual Founders’ Day dinner will be held Saturday March 28, 2015 at the Inn at Penn, 3600 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.  The event will begin with a cocktail hour (cash bar) at 6:00PM followed by a buffet dinner beginning at 7:00PM.

The basic charge for attending is $100 per person.  As in the past, this amount includes a small subsidy to help offset the dinner cost for our active undergraduate brothers.  However, this year, for a variety of reasons explained below, must ask for your additional support.

As you know, we recently lost our alumni association President and very dedicated brother, Gregg J. Ormond.  We will be having a special program in his honor that will include the official launch of the Gregg J. Ormond Memorial Fund.  You should have all received information about this in a previous list serve posting.  The weekend's activities will include the initiation of Gregg’s son, Gregg Jr., into the Beta Pi Chapter of PKA.  Gregg Jr. and Gregg Sr.’s brother Mark, will be in attendance as our guests.  In addition we anticipate one or two guests from the University with whom Gregg worked tirelessly over the years with respect to housing issues.  These initiation and complimentary dinner invitations will cost approximately $600.

Furthermore, we have always subsidized the dinner costs for our undergraduate brothers.  The chapter contributes approximately $25 per attendee and we pick up the rest.  When we held the event at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, the required subsidy was only about $25 per attendee.  But with the need to find a bigger, and unfortunately significantly more expensive venue due to larger turnouts, the required subsidy has risen to about $55 per attendee.  As we are expecting some seventy undergraduates, our shortfall would be almost $4,000.

In addition, the alumni association’s treasury at this time is comprised almost solely of the Wellons Fund, which has been allocated to be used for a housing issue at the chapter.  In the past, dues and contributions have enabled us to break even on the costs of our alumni relations program spearheaded by Affinity Connection, our alumni relations partner.  They maintain our database, host our web site, provide assistance with the content for our newsletters, publish our monthly e-letters and periodic printed newsletters and support us in any way needed to keep our brotherhood connected.  These services could not be provided by a small group of dedicated supporters and volunteers.

When we chartered the association in 2003, we had 110 dues-paying members.  This number has fallen off significantly since then and we have been able to fund our alumni relations program only with the additional support of a core of very generous supporters.  I would like to ask you to help us remedy this situation by paying your 2014-15 alumni dues.  The minimum amount is $50; the suggested amount is $100.  Additional contributions are also encouraged.  If you are not sure of your dues status for this school year, please send me a NEW message at  and I can advise you of your status. 

The bottom line is that we need to fund almost $5000 above and beyond receipts expected from the basic $100 pp dinner cost and to replenish our association’s treasury.  So please respond NOW to this renewed appeal for dues-paying members and additional donor support.  The continued vitality of the alumni association is essential to keeping us in touch, organizing Founders' Days and other important events, and ensuring the wellbeing of the undergraduate chapter. Please to do whatever you can to help by paying your 2014-15 dues, attending the Founders' Day dinner, and sending in a as large an additional contribution as you can.

If you are planning on attending the dinner please do the following:

  1. Send a “Founders’ Day RSVP” email message to me at < > indicating that you will be attending. 
  2. Send a check payable to “Beta Pi Alumni Assn of PiKA” in the amount of $100.00.  If you have not yet paid your dues for 2014/15 (Minimum $50; suggested $100) you may include them in the same check.  If you are not sure of your current membership status please send me an email.  You may also include any subsidy you might generously contribute in the same check.  Please be sure to itemize what your check is for if it includes more than just the cost of the dinner in the following manner:

Dinner:  $____ /   Dues $ ____ /   Special Program $____ /   U-grad subsidy $____ Association $____

Please mail your checks to arrive no later than March 15th to:

Beta Pi A.A.
c/o Joel Catania
P.O. Box 7332
Garden City, NY 11530

We hope that brothers initiated in years ending in “0” or “5” might make a special effort to gather one or two of your fellow initiates and join us in recognizing notable anniversaries. 

Looking forward to seeing you at Founders’ Day and I thank you in advance for your support of our Beta Pi brotherhood.

In the bonds,
Joel Catania