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Pi Kappa Alpha National boasts countless notable alumni, including Tim McGraw (country star), Joe Garvey and Cody Hanson (lead guitarist and drummer of Hinder), Todd Hays (2002 U.S. Olympian), and many more. The Beta Pi chapter is proud to have quite a few notable alumni as well, especially in the area of business.

Our brothers learn invaluable skills that prepare them for future success. Here is a list of your brothers that strove for excellence in their professions, ultimately becoming leaders of their companies:

      • John Eldred ’66, President of Transition One Associates
      • Dr. Richard Heaslip ’75, President of Programmatic Sciences
      • Isaac Benator ’77, CEO of Tara Materials Inc.
      • Ronald Perilstein ’80, President of The Arjay Group  Inc.
      • Jeffrey Abramowitz ’83, CEO of PowerCloud Systems
      • Thomas Brodie ’84, President of TLB Equities LLC
      • Michael Monheit ’85, CEO of Anapol Schwartz
      • Scott Rothbort, President of Lake View Asset Mgmt. LLC
      • Michael Seeve, President of Mountain Development Corp.

Didn’t make this list? If you didn’t, we don’t have your professional information on file. Send your name, professional title, and employer to