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Pi Kappa Alpha’s Beta Pi Chapter began the year strong with several initiatives to increase chapter awareness and boost recruitment.

Psi class Rush Chair JJ Tamhankar attended the annual PIKE University in Memphis, Tennessee, and brought back dozens of ideas for a strong rush season. Brother JJ was most involved with the courses of Brother Charlie Barns from Florida State University, whose groundbreaking rush techniques have since been incorporated into the own Chapter’s recruitment plan. Brother JJ spoke highly of the experience, saying it was “life changing” and that it allowed him to “learn from others what made their chapters great.”

Additionally, Beta Pi is excited to introduce a new Recruitment Scholarship for the coming year, made possible through generous alumni donations. Open to all male freshmen, the scholarship provides $1,000 dollars to carefully screened candidates and has already been announced to the Class of 2019. Such a program not only promotes the PIKE name on campus, but allows Beta Pi to interface with freshman and the wider Penn community. The scholarship has seen approval from the University and promotes the healthy dialogue between Beta Pi and the school set up by Rush Chair Nico DeLuna.

Through these continual efforts, Beta Pi continues to cultivate the scholars, leaders, athletes and gentlemen across Penn.