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A joint meeting of the Beta Pi Alumni Association and the Alpha Phi Delta Housing Corporation was held at the Inn at Penn on April 2, 2016, prior to the Founders Day Dinner. Fourteen alumni brothers attended this meeting.

All alumni association officers, President Ross Weiner, Vice President Bruce Wolfson, Treasurer Joel Catania, and Secretary Morty Cohen were in attendance. Also present were Jeff Kaufman, Mark Perna, Bill Kenney, Rich Sussman, Paul Zaentz, Lou Tarnoff, Rich Myers, Dave Edman, Jerry Herman, and Fred Bailey.


Bruce Wolfson spoke about the state of the undergraduate chapter. He focused on the present status of the chapter's relations with the University of Pennsylvania, some difficulties that have arisen recently, how these problems are being addressed and resolved, and the future of the Beta Pi Chapter at the University.

In particular, the University was concerned about violations of University policies regarding alcoholic beverages on the Chapter House property and recruitment practices. Thanks to the efforts of chapter leadership and certain members of the Beta Pi Alumni Association and the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, the situation is well on its way to being resolved favorably, although the Beta Pi chapter may remain on University probation. The University took a very constructive attitude, owing mostly to its favorable assessment of the Beta Pi sophomore class and newly initiated members, as well as the extraordinary commitment of the International Fraternity, whose CEO and CFO visited Penn on short notice to address the University's concerns.

All in attendance were pleased to learn that Beta Pi did have the third largest rush on campus and that all nineteen members of the pledge class have been initiated. This group and the sophomore class represent the future for the chapter. Even now, they are preparing for a fall rush to further strengthen their position on campus.

On matters pertaining to the chapter house, Rich Myers spoke at length regarding agreements with the University from 1969—agreements that are still in effect today. Rich spoke about ongoing budget and other issues regarding how periodic changes in the University’s approach to fraternity housing at Penn in general affect our chapter house. The University owns the house but the housing corporation does have certain rights, including reversionary rights to the premises or compensation in certain circumstances. All undergraduate and alumni members owe Rich Myers a debt of gratitude for his ongoing efforts on behalf of the housing corporation.

Following the meeting was our Founders Day dinner.