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Samuel Weinstein- “Joining Pika Was One Of The Best Things I Did At College.”Former Beta Pi Brother Sam Weinstein joined Pika for the camaraderie and support of studies and social life. For him, those values still play a key role in his life and he now plays a leading role in the distribution of healthcare.

“I have been in practice as a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon for the past 20 years,” he explains. “I transitioned to a non-clinical career as an Executive Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer for SpecialtyCare, Inc. Our company provides personnel and equipment to support operating rooms in over 1,000 hospitals and in over 350,000 procedures each year.”

Weinstein added that serving as Pika President was one of his first leadership experiences and some of those early trials of working out problems were extremely educational, even a little painful.

“We were all united in some sense to be better as a group,” he recalled. “In another sense, each brother maintained his individual strengths. I see the same relationships today, only the individuals have less hair now.”

As for his favorite memory, “We used to take a retreat west of Philadelphia and camp out for two days,” Weinstein recalled. “I always thought that was a lot of fun.”