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PIKE Reunions, Midnight Wiffle Ball, Plus Where He is Now

Since graduation from Penn, Cory Bray has held roles in finance, operations, and sales, which ultimately led him to his current role as CEO of CareerSofia, a sales training software company.

“We’re in the Y Combinator Fellowship program, which focuses on helping startups grow,” Cory said. “We just launched our product, and have been accelerating revenue at a nice rate.”

Cory says that several PIKE brothers have coached him along his career path, helping him get where he is today. Aside from the professional benefits that his membership in the fraternity has afforded him, there’s one other key benefit he can’t deny—friendships.

Just last month, Cory attended a bachelor party for Chris McKenzie ’04 . “We went to San Diego and Tijuana for the weekend, and several PIKE brothers were in attendance.”

Though he couldn’t publicly share too many details, it’s clear it was a memorable experience. In fact, bachelor parties are one of Cory’s favorite events.

“They’re basically PIKE reunions and always a great time,” he said.

Looking back at his undergrad days, Cory says his favorite place to be was the PIKE basement, referring to it as “legendary.” Some of his favorite memories include midnight Wiffle ball, beirut, basketball games, and such with his brothers.

Cory also enjoys attending Low Country Kingdom concerts, a band started by brother Scott Ricketts. “They are pioneering a new genre (hyper-sexual electro soul) and their concerts are incredible,” he says.

He encourages fellow alumni to check the band out on Spotify. 

Cory also shared a piece of advice for our recent graduates and his fellow alumni. “Push yourself harder than you think you should,” he said. “It’s worth it.”