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Recently, Brother Scott Ricketts, of the band Low Country Kingdom, told us a bit about his Pika experience and what the band is up to now. From the band's humble beginnings at the University of Pennsylvania, to "crushing it," on the West Coast, we've got the skinny on Ricketts and Co.

Q: What led you to join Pika Penn?

SR: “Man, that was a long time ago. I guess I was 18 and it sounded like an amazing idea to live in a big house with a bunch of guys who seemed cooler than me. Plus my good friends from my freshman hall were doing it, so yeah, why not.”

Q: Did you shop around at any other fraternities before choosing Pika?

SR: Yeah I think I was considering a few different ones. For whatever reason, I felt like I fit in best at Pike.

Q: What are your favorite memories of being in the fraternity?

SR: “Wiffle ball, being close to Wawa, Penn basketball, TV in the bathroom, living with a large group of like-minded men, and the parties.”

Q: When did the idea to start Low Country Kingdom come about?

SR: “In college I started a band with one of my best friends in Pike, we called him A-Raf aka DJ A-Raf aka DJ Turbin Tables. Some years later, A-Raf was house sitting in LA and invited me and some other musicians to stay for the weekend. That's sort of the first time we started talking about doing something new. Not to long after that, we kicked A-Raf out and started Low Country Kingdom officially. A-Raf is now a doctor.”

Q: What were some of your favorite shows that the band played?

SR: “Probably this party at Stanford.” 

Q: Cory Bray told me your live shows are amazing. What is it about the live shows that keep people coming back?

SR: “The music is fire, our tights are fire, and the light show is fire. We always have something new, and we always have fun up there. If you don't have fun at our shows, then I don't know how you have fun in life at all.”

Q: How is the band doing these days? How many albums, EP’s, etc has the band released

SR: “We're crushing California with our live show on a regular basis up and down the coast. In between, we live in a house in LA together and make new music every day. We released our first album a couple of years ago and are starting to release our second album as we speak. You can find out more HERE

Q: How were you able to balance fraternity, academic and band life during your college days?

SR: “I didn't do a great job of balancing it. College was an awkward learning process for me, as I think it was for most of us. I look back and think about all the time I spent playing video games, watching South Park, drinking, studying, and making music. I have plenty of regrets but at the same time I guess I don't have any. Hard to say.”

Q: What is the musical genre of Low Country Kingdom

SR: “Hypersexual Electro Soul”

Q: What is your favorite song to have written, played, and why?

SR: “Every song we write and play live is my favorite at some point. If it's not, it doesn't make the cut for release. That's just kind of how things go. You love a song and then it's done. Then you do another one.

But I will say, we have a single coming out later this week. It's called “Stained Glass.” It's definitely up there as far as my all-time favorites. The video is cool too. I get to work with a lot of talented people who make this an amazing adventure.”

Q: What are your plans for the future? In both your life and the band?

SR: “This band is my full time job right now and will be until I decide I don't want to do it anymore. Or if I can't feed myself. Even then, I'll probably start hitting up some old pike brothers for loans. Many of them have been huge supporters from the very beginning. Couldn't have done it without them.”