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“A few random things came together when I joined,” Rothbort revealed. “My family was family friends with the Mackler family, who had two boys, Scott and Harvey, in Pika. My freshmen RA, Lenny Mongiello was also a Brother. So that was just a natural way for me to visit and rush the fraternity.”

Over time, Rothbort met other Brothers and he enjoyed Beta Pi chapter and its people.

“They selected me and I selected them,” he said.

“I also arrived at the University of Pennsylvania right after the release of Animal House and fraternities were in vogue,” he said. “That really helped to sell the fraternity system.”

Of the many memories he gained as a Pika Brother, Rothbort cited two in particular, the first of those lighthearted, the second, a bit more serious.

“We enjoyed Monday Night Football when it was really a big deal,” Rothbort said. “We would boil hot dogs, serve beer, and watch the game. It was always enjoyable.”

Another memory, though much more serious, also stands out to Rothbort.

“We were at Penn when the Iranian Consulate was taken over and we really banded together, to help support the hostages,” he says. “Brother John Woodward held a rally for the hostages.”

These lasting memories were not lost on Rothbort’s sons, two of which are in fraternities. One of those two is also the IFC President at UNLV.

“I loved the environment,” he says. “You had guys who were pre-med and the Wharton Business School guys, who would later go on to become very successful on Wall Street. We subscribed to the Wall Street Journal and would sit around talking about stocks. It was a great environment.”

That environment led to Brother Rothbort’s passion for staying in touch with many of his Brothers to this day. Those in his class, after, and before it.

“It’s important as you proceed in life to maintain friendships,” he says. “We all have a commonality amongst us. I am just one of those people that like to keep up with family, friends, etc.

We meet up in many places such as Yonkers Raceway, Las Vegas, and Manhattan. We make sure we do it.”

Rothbort counts being married, raising his five children, 3 boys and 2 girls ranging in age from 19-28, as his biggest accomplishment in life. He has instilled many of his Pika values in them.

“I tell Pika Brothers, you’re in school to study, but also to socialize and have a good time,” he says. I tell my kids this also. You need to have a good blend of both.”