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Chapter Named Among Top Fundraisers for PiKA, Recognized for Outstanding Undergraduate Support

The Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation recently published the Honor Roll of Donors for the year January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Donations made to the Foundation support the undergraduate members of our fraternity with programming and services provided to the chapters and the PIKE University educational platform.

PIKE University provides both in-person and online personal development training for its 221 chapters and colonies. Through a series of conferences held coast to coast, as well as the online educational offerings, Pike members can access an educational experience not available in a college classroom, allowing them to develop management skills, personal accountability, ethics, and leadership.

Beta Pi Among Top Fundraising Chapters

We are proud to announce Beta Pi’s outstanding fundraising results for the Foundation:

  • Beta Pi ranked first in the category “most donors per chapter,” boasting an impressive 47, which is superior to the second-ranked chapter with 38 donors.
  • In the “most dollars raised per chapter” category, Beta Pi ranked second with $190,239. The chapter in third place raised $114,323.
  • Beta Pi also finished second in “most dollars pledged per chapter.” Our total of $55,800 greatly outweighed the chapter in third place, whose total was $27,101.

These lofty rankings, and the fact that our Chapter beat out many much larger chapters, are a real testament to the positive experience our members have at Beta Pi. We are proud to have so many generous alumni among our ranks—all of whom were listed on the Honor Roll.

Supporting Our Undergraduates

Beta Pi is also leading the way by supporting our undergraduates through our endowment fund and individual scholarships.

According to the Pi Kappa Alpha Annual Report 2015, we have the largest Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF) of all chapters and colonies. As of December 31, 2015, Beta Pi’s CEF totaled $141,968. The CEF is used to offset certain expenses that our undergraduate members incur when attending PiKA conferences and PIKE University, therefor, it is a critical fund to furthering the experience for our members.

Beta Pi also sponsors four individual scholarships:

  • Beta Pi SMC Scholarship
  • Dave Herman Memorial Scholarship
  • Scott Mackler MD, PHD, True Grit Scholarship
  • Gregg Ormond Fund

Jesse Debes, Beta Pi ’12, recipient of the Scott Mackler MD, PHD, True Grit Scholarship awarded at Beta Pi Founders Day 2015, was quoted in the Honor Roll of Donors 2015. Jesse explained how his decision to join PiKA was “…the greatest decision of my life.”

Several other scholarships are available to our undergraduates, including:

  • Scott A. Mackler, MD, PHD, Medical School Memorial Scholarship
    Harvey Mackler, Beta Pi ’72, arranged to have his family’s charitable foundation, The Joseph Alexander Foundation Inc., create this scholarship and endow it with $100,000. It is administered by Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, and all members of PiKA are eligible to apply. The first scholarship winner was Peter D’Amore (Florida, Alpha Eta).
  • The R. Craig Hoenshell Honor Society Scholarship
    This scholarship is administered by the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity. Congratulations to Zachary Rosen, Beta Pi ’12, who was one of the winners this year.

Our Top Donors

The Shield and Diamond, Autumn 2016 issue, acknowledged that Joseph C. Hess III (deceased) (Beta Pi ’48) was admitted to the Rotunda Society for his cumulative lifetime giving to PiKA. The Rotunda Society requires cumulative lifetime gifts of $500,000 to $999,999 to the PIKE Foundation.

Joel Catania (Beta Pi ’71) joined the Junior Founders Society that requires cumulative lifetime gifts of $25,000 to $49,999.

Thank You

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all Beta Pi’s who made generous contributions to the various Fraternity funds in 2015. Congratulations to all recipients of Fraternity scholarships. All undergraduate members are encouraged to attend Pi Kappa Alpha conferences and PIKE University for the finest in fraternity education. PIKE University is nationally acclaimed for its successful education programs, and we encourage our undergrads to learn all that Pi Kappa Alpha offers and can do for them.