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“I am forever grateful to PiKA for introducing me to my beautiful wife.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked all brothers who met their spouses or significant others at a PiKA event or through a brother to share their story with us.

Jerry Goldberg ’74 was one of those lucky men and he kindly shared his story:

“If not for Pi Kappa Alpha, or more specifically brother Jerry Herman, I would not have met my wife of 37 years. 

Sharon was visiting her cousin Jerry at Penn just prior to the Thanksgiving break. They were returning to their homes in Rockland County by train. A group of eight of us from the fraternity decided to take the same train to New York City. However, due to the huge crowd at the railroad station, we got separated trying to board the train. Only Jerry, Sharon, and I managed to find a seat together in the club car. Unfortunately after a good time on the train, Sharon was met at the New York station by her boyfriend. 

I next met Sharon about four months later when Jerry invited me to his house for the Passover holiday. I was strategically placed next to Sharon at the seder table, but her boyfriend sat next to her on the other side. We hit it off well, but that boyfriend was a definite problem!

In the beginning of the next semester, Sharon once again came to visit Jerry at Penn. This time, he gave me the welcome news that Sharon had broken up with her boyfriend and was available. I asked her out to a movie that weekend and our long distance relationship began. 

After three years of an on-again, off-again relationship, we became serious eventually leading to marriage. At the wedding, one of my closest brothers from the fraternity became my official cousin.

I am forever grateful to PiKA for introducing me to my beautiful wife. We have two children and are about to become grandparents for the first time.”

Thanks again to Jerry for sharing his story. If you met the love of your life at a Pi Kappa Alpha event or through a brother, send your photo and a description of how you met to our editor. We’ll share it right here on the alumni website.