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Best Hair Award Goes to One of the Few Alumni Not Yet Bald

By Ross Weiner

NYC ’80s Alumni Get Together for Annual Dinner
NYC ’80s Alumni Get Together for Annual Dinner
NYC ’80s Alumni Get Together for Annual Dinner

On December 7, nearly 25 Beta Pi alumni gathered at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse in New York City. Though many attendees were NYC area Pikes, there were a handful of alumni who traveled further who deserve a special shout out:

  • Rob Oringer – Montreal
  • Stephen Lerner – Cincinnati
  • Greg Sembler – Tampa
  • John Joseph and Tom Fogarty – both Philadelphia area
  • Scott Rothbort – Nevada
  • The mysterious A.T.F Lundy – also from the Great White North

Over the years, the Class of 1980 has tried to organize a dinner every year or so, and this year, we were able to corral a record number of attendees. A special thanks goes to Jeff Kaufman ’80 for organizing this year’s event.

Everyone had a great time catching up. As expected, the evening eventually devolved into story telling, and also the time honored tradition of ragging on those present, and not present, about various things that may or may not have happened over the last 35 years.

What was striking to some was how many brothers were “folically challenged.” Among the few that could compete, the “best hair” award goes to Greg Sembler (he has thick hair, like Stalin) with Steve Lerner and yours truly as runners up.

If anything was accomplished that night, no arrests were made, the restaurant proved that indeed you can cook it rare, and most importantly, a “good time was had by all.”

Who Attended?

Class of 1979
Robert Oringer
Stephen Lerner (Reverend Jim Jones)
Rob Kramer
Brian Finn
Scott Rothbort
Jeff Lehman

Class of 1980
Ross Weiner
Jeff Kaufman
Lawrence Orans
Buddy Altus
John Feder
Greg Sembler
John Joseph
Tony Lundy

Class of 1981

Sam Weinstein
Dave Horing
Tom Brodie
Tom Fogarty
Rob Stavis
Eric Morgenstern
Ken Wyman
Philip (Mongo) Veneziano
Adam Hodes

*Also in attendance were Jerry Herman ’72 and Bruce Wolfson ’74.