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Conrad Bosley ’61 Reflects on Lifelong Benefits from Beta Pi

A single bedroom, one near the bathroom no less, is certainly a prized possession among brothers in a fraternity. As a sophomore, Conrad Bosley ’61 was excited to have such an honor bestowed upon him and worked hard to earn his spot in the house, taking on additional responsibilities within the fraternity.

“I had the distinct pleasure of living at 3900 Locust for the last three years of my college career,” he says. “I was elected Treasurer my sophomore year and since the house was not overcrowded, I garnered a single room at the top of the stairs next to the bathroom on the second floor.”

With prime real estate in his grasp, Conrad was very happy to keep hold of it.

“My junior year, since I was elected SMC, I was allowed to stay in my room, and by the time I became a senior, no one was going to remove me from that room,” he says, laughing. 

Living quarters aside, when Conrad joined Beta Pi, it wasn’t a large fraternity, but he felt an instant connection with the brothers.

“I joined Beta Pi as a freshman due to the fact that it was a group that did not seem pretentious or identified with a certain sport or religious persuasion,” he explains.

Finding a familiar face in brother Dave Jones '60 was even more reason for Conrad to choose Beta Pi.

“Dave graduated from the same high school and we shared an acquaintance,” he says. “He was very welcoming and made me feel at home.”

Life in the house was an adventure for Conrad and his brothers. He, in particular, recalls some of their more rambunctious events.

“Some of my greatest memories were the Saturday parties in the living room with the windows open and Big D’s band blaring,” he says. “I also fondly remember George Yuell, our cook and house man.”

But the fun didn’t stop after graduation. Seeing the fraternity grow in membership during his time at Beta Pi, Conrad cherishes the friendships created within that initial small group of brothers, keeping in contact with some of them to this day and incorporating them into some of his most precious moments.

“Several of my brothers—Craig Fenton ’62, Pete Kutra ’60, and Chris Lacy ’63—were in my wedding,” he recalls. “I still maintain contact with Dave Jones, my voice of reason, as well as Richard Kopelman ’62, Howard Marks ’64, and Jeff Sacco ’62.”

After college, Conrad put skills learned at Beta Pi to good use in his service in the Navy and his civilian life.

“Beta Pi exposed me to some of the leadership necessities that have followed me in my later life,” he explains.

After the Navy, Conrad returned to Scranton, PA to operate a family supermarket until it closed in 1988. Since then, he has operated a Residential Real Estate Appraisal business in the Scranton area.

“I am still working and enjoy it every day,” he says. “In the summertime, I am able to play golf at least four days a week. My lovely wife Dottie reminds me that it is a little too much.”

Conrad and his wife have two children—both married—and four grandchildren. He also serves on the board of several non-profit organizations.

Today, Conrad is grateful for growth and development he experience during his Beta Pi years. Giving back, he hopes to make a difference and carry on the torch.

“I believe that by donating to Beta Pi, I might enable another college student like myself to have the same great opportunities and experiences I was given by my Brothers and Beta Pi,” he says.