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Relationships with Brothers Make Big Impact for Dan Malasky ’97

Lifelong Benefits of Being a PikeWhen Dan Malasky transferred to the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 as a junior, he had no expectation of joining a fraternity, and certainly not one that didn’t have a Chapter on campus. But, as many quickly find out, deep friendships are formed in college and out of those came the motivation to be part of something bigger.

“I developed tremendous friendships with a number of individuals that eventually became the brothers of the founding class of Pike after a number of years without a chapter at Penn,” Dan explains.

With the Chapter resurrected, Dan and his brothers were able to enjoy life in the Greek system and being part of such a significant class left them tighter than most.

“I created deep friendships with a number of brothers,” he says. “We had a diverse set of interests, and many played varsity sports. Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen is our motto.”

While they certainly adhered to the motto, there were of course some of the pranks fraternities are known for. 

“I will never forget the pledge prank on me when the freshman class filled a 100-gallon trash can with water, leaned it on my door, and knocked. When I opened it, I had a flood in my room which took about two weeks to dry – classic!” he says, laughing.

Lifelong Benefits of Being a Pike

A scene from Beta Pi in 1997

Aside from these occasional pranks, Dan fondly recalls his time in the house, including grilling out on the deck every weekend, basement parties, and simply bonding with the brothers.

“Living in house allows you to develop a bond with your brothers that simply cannot be attained in a dorm setting,” he says.

Academically, Dan majored in Political Science with a concentration in Management. During his college years, he felt supported in his studies at the fraternity. That support and Dan’s academic focus paid off, and upon graduation from law school, he began practicing law as a commercial litigator at Piper Rudnick LLP (now DLA Piper) in Washington, D.C. It wasn’t long, however, until Dan felt the call to change courses and make the move from corporate law to the world of sports. While the transition may have seemed daunting for some, Dan had the benefit of a Pike connection that made the career change an easy one. 

“Relationships and networking are so critical post-college, and my involvement in Pike helped foster those relationships,” he says. “In fact, it was a Pike brother, Ben Geisler '97, who helped me get my first job back in sports as General Counsel to Dirt Motorsports.”

Maintaining those connections is important to Dan and he still remains very close to a few brothers, including Ben Geisler, Brian Bonanno '97, Tom Krol '97, and Dan Kryzanowski '97. He also likes to visit the house and check in with the current brothers when he is on campus.

Today, Dan stays busy as the General Counsel and Managing Director of Business Affairs for the USTA’s new USTA National Campus, the “Home of American Tennis.” In addition, Dan also manages the USTA’s day-to-day legal affairs for the largest annually attended sporting event in the world, the U.S. Open, and serves as General Counsel to the USTA’s Player Development program and its three National Training Centers around the country. He currently resides in Windermere, Florida, with his wife, Desi, and their two daughters, Aspen and Brecka.