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A Demonstration of True BrotherhoodHow closeness, loyalty, and camaraderie brought Jon Belmonte, ’90, into the PiKA family

As a freshman, Jon Belmonte ’90, was seeking out a fraternity that not only displayed diversity in its members and their interests, but also an authentic brotherhood. He found both of those at Pi Kappa Alpha. “To start, I was particularly impressed with how well-rounded the brothers seemed to be – academic, athletic, and socially,” he explains. “But as I got to know more, I realized it was truly a brotherhood. It was the closeness, loyalty, and camaraderie that sold me.”

Joining the fraternity and moving into the house during his sophomore and junior years was one of the best decisions that Jon made as a college student. “Living in the house was priceless!” he exclaims. “Beyond having a ton of fun, I built some of the strongest relationships of my life.”

Some of Jon’s most cherished memories are centered around those relationships and how he grew during those developmental years. “I fondly remember house meetings, being Rush Chairman, pledge pranks, morning after house parties, and just hanging out. I also knew how much I respected many of the older brothers.”

Not only did he develop as a social human being, but he learned valuable lessons from many of those older, wiser brothers. “You need to make sure you leave time, energy and focus for academics,” he advises. “I was not the most academically-minded undergrad. When I saw how focused and successful many of my brothers had become, it motivated me to take my graduate business school opportunity very seriously.”

Setting a high bar of expectation, the PiKA brothers thrived on the motivation and respect that was displayed. Supporting each other, as well, was a cornerstone for the genuine brotherhood. “I valued the library time and career advice I received from my brothers.”

Today, Jon lives on the West Coast, in La Jolla, Calif. with his wife and four children. He is a CEO in the field of technology. He doesn’t, however, let distance dissuade him from staying connected to the fraternity that gave his so much. “I stay in touch with a lot of brothers. I see them during east coast visits, and stay connected through phone calls, etc. There’s a great event each year in New York City during the first week of March that draws a great crowd of guys,” he says. He also has returned to campus for each of his five-year reunions, where he enjoys playing a little pong at the house and getting to know some of the new brothers.

Now, as the older, wiser brother, Jon is able to share his wisdom with the newest generation of Pikes. “Find the right balance of having fun, developing close relationships, and setting yourself up for success in post-Penn life,” he advises. “You can do it – if you’re focused and efficient.”