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Annual Report Highlights Beta Pi's GenerosityThe Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity (PiKA ) has issued the Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors for the calendar year 2016. Once again, Beta Pi Alumni have made major contributions to PiKA’s ability to service and educate the individual chapters and undergraduate members, including PIKE University. PIKE University provides an educational experience not available in a college classroom. It educates undergraduate members in management skills, personal accountability, ethics, and leadership.

The generosity of Beta Pi Alumni toward PiKA  for the calendar year 2016 was astounding!  Beta Pi Alumni contributed $721,731 to PiKA, far greater than any other chapter.  Including closed chapters, there were 301 chapters contributing in 2016. The largest share our chapter’s total was a large testamentary gift of almost $667,000 by our deceased brother Joseph C. Hess III, Beta Pi ’48.

Beta Pi currently maintains the largest Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF) of all 220 active chapters and colonies. This fund containing $169,000 is purposed to pay certain expenses of Beta Pi’s active membership when attending PIKE University educational programs.   In addition to this fund, we maintain the Gregg G. Ormond Memorial Fund, also directed to Beta Pi, contains over $30,000.

There were 24 individual Beta Pi donors to PiKA  in 2016:  Thomas F. Bates ’64, J. Conrad Bosley ’61, Joel Catania ’71, Morton A. Cohen ’65, Joseph F. DiMauro ’75, Dave Edman ’73, Jerome B. Goldberg ’74, Jerry Herman ’72, Joseph C. Hess III ’48, Mitch Karig ’76, Jeff Kaufman ’80, Harvey Mackler ’72, Adam L. Michaels ’97, Maurice L. Moskowitz ’58, Rich Meyers ’69, Mark Perna ’68, Bruce C. Robertson ’82, Gary Sachs ’74, Michael A. Selikoff ’75, Rich Sussman ’69, Todd Wieseneck ’72, Bruce Wolfson ’71, Ralph J. Young Jr. ’51, and Paul Zaentz ’69.    

PiKA presently administers 16 different scholarships, named for individuals, as part of the fraternity’s Designated International Funds (DIF). The funds within each scholarship are managed by PiKA, who chooses the winners and distributes the awards.

Two of these scholarships are named for Beta Pi brothers and rank among the highest funded of these scholarships. The self-funded scholarship, the Joseph C. Hess III Fraternity Advancement Fund is ranked first and has a balance of $222,345. The Scott A. Mackler, MD, PhD, Medical School Memorial Scholarship, funded by a Mackler family philanthropic trust, is ranked fourth of 16 and has a current balance of $102,606.

Designated Chapter Funds (DCF) are scholarships reserved for a specific chapter. These funds are structured to reward excellence and merit or to address needs based situations. Four scholarships have been created and award only Beta Pi undergraduate members. They are the Dave Herman Memorial Scholarship, the Scott Mackler, MD, PhD, True Grit Scholarship, the Beta Pi SMC Scholarship, and the Gregg G. Ormond Memorial Fund.

Congratulations are extended to two of our brothers who have reached new donor levels for their generous contributions to PiKA Int’l. Gary Sachs, MD, ’74 has been admitted to the Junior Founders for his cumulative lifetime giving of gifts from $25,000 to $49,999.  Mitch Karig ’76 has joined the Lily of the Valley Society, designated for those with lifetime cumulative giving of $2,500 to $4,999.

Volunteering their time and expertise to the betterment of Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity are Jerry Herman ’72, Director, for the Endowment Fund and Gift Acceptance Committee and Bruce Wolfson, Trustee, serving on the PiKA Foundation Board of Trustees.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all Beta Pi brothers who made generous contributions to the various Fraternity funds in 2016 and congratulations to all recipients of Fraternity scholarships and awards.

All undergraduate members are encouraged to attend Pi Kappa Alpha conferences and PIKE University for the finest in fraternity education. PIKE University is nationally acclaimed for its successful education programs, and we encourage our undergraduate members to learn all that Pi Kappa Alpha can do for them. Alumni are encouraged to attend our Founders Day celebration each year to learn how their fraternity has evolved through the years and to renew old fraternal college friendships.