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Pi Kappa Alpha has been recognized by the independent Town and Country Magazine as having the Best Leadership Program among Fraternities across the nation!

PIKE University, the Fraternity’s leadership program, holds nine annual events across the country that attract over 3,300 attendees. The PIKE Foundation awards more than $223,000 in scholarships and grants yearly for these events.

Danny Ryan, Education Officer for Pi Kappa Alpha, spoke to the success of Pike University: “I see first-hand how your dollars are put to work at these events – the involvement and attendance at sessions, the excitement throughout the event, the number of men earning PIKE University certification. These programs continue to improve and arm our young men with lifelong skills that prepare them for a world outside the classroom. This recognition is an affirmation of the impact of PIKE University…on making these young men – and every Pike - better.”

PIKE University courses are designed by leadership experts, administered by professional staff, and are continually evolving to remain relevant to PiKA members. Pike men can pride themselves on “integrity, intellect, and high moral character”.