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PiKA's History as Bridge ChampsTHE RESULTS ARE IN.....

That pinochle has been played in the Chapter House during the 1960’s and 1970’s is well known. What is not known is that Pi Kappa Alphas have had their share of excellent bridge players.

The March 31, 1965 issue of the Daily Pennsylvanian reports that the winner of the Inter-Fraternity bridge tournament was Pi Kappa Alpha. Individual honors were bestowed on Norm Ladov, Beta Pi ’64, and Rich Kopelman, Beta Pi ’62. Additional recognition was given to Frank J. Dibona, Beta Pi ’62 and Hugh Glukenhous, Beta Pi ’62. As many may remember, Rich Kopelman attended Founders Day 2017. Being a modest gentleman, he never mentioned this accomplishment. We hope he was not disappointed there was only a pinochle game after Founders Day dinner and not a bridge game.

If there are persons who are interested in playing bridge following Founders Day dinner 2018, contact Joel Catania at If there are four players interested, the Beta Pi Alumni Association will supply the deck of cards, paper, and a pencil.