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Recent Event - Annual 70’s & 80’s Alumni Dinner in NYCGreet Speeches, Great Food, Great Friends                  

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, the second annual Pi Kappa Alpha Dinner was held at Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse in New York City.

The dinner was organized and hosted by Jeff Kaufman, Beta Pi ’80, and attended by a large contingent of Beta Pi’s from the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s. In attendance were Ira Horowitz ’79, Woody Rosenbach ’79, Jeff Himeles ’79, Randy Haisfield ’81, Adam Amsterdam ’79, Tom Brodie ’81, Buddy Altus ’80, Dave Horing ’83, Adam Hodes ’81, Eric Morganstern ’81, Fred Rubin ’80, Greg Sembler ’80,  John Feder ‘80, John Joseph ‘80, Ken Wyman ‘81, M. Bora Sila ‘80, Mike Halpern ‘80, Lawrence Orans ‘80, Rob Oringer ’79, Ross Weiner ’80, Sam Weinstein ’81, Tony Lundy ’80, Jimmy Post ’81, Steve Kreichman ’79, Pete Gordon ‘82, Rob Stavis ‘81, and Marc Bodner ‘79.Recent Event - Annual 70’s & 80’s Alumni Dinner in NYC 

Also in attendance were four Beta Pi’s of earlier vintage: Morty Cohen ’65, Larry Gordon ‘72, Paul Zaentz ’69, and Bruce Wolfson ’71. The International Fraternity was represented by Adam Wassell, Senior Director of Development for the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation.

The affair started with an open bar. As all in attendance were over the age of 21, chaperones were not necessary. The brothers took this opportunity to renew old acquaintances and bring their lifelong friends up to date on matters of great importance.

During the dinner, Jeff Kaufman gave a welcoming speech. His heart-warming introduction of brothers Cohen, Zaentz, Gordon, and Wolfson was greatly appreciated by the Old Guard in attendance. Jeff also gave special mention of those who came from a great distance to attend: Woody Rosenbach (Philadelphia), Randy Haisfield (Colorado), Greg Sembler (Tampa), John Joseph (Philadelphia), Mike Halpern (Los Angeles), Rob Oringer (Montreal), Tony Lundy (Toronto), Jimmy Post (Tampa), and Marc Bodner (Boston).

Adam Wassell also addressed the gathering. He provided an oversight of the International Fraternity. In essence, Pi Kappa Alpha is considered one of the leading fraternities in the nation and he explained different ways Pi Kappa Alpha alumni can benefit from the International Fraternity.  

Recent Event - Annual 70’s & 80’s Alumni Dinner in NYCAfter the meal, everyone once again had the opportunity to “meet and greet”. It was a delightful evening of great food, great fun, great conversation, and great memories about a great era for Beta Pi.

Special thanks to Jeff Kaufman for making this celebration come together and the success that it was.

Visit the website and check out the rest of the photos.