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Beta Pi Stands Out
Beta Pi alumni enjoyed a get-together in early December 2017 at Ben and Jack's Steakhouse in New York City.

Beta Pi Brothers Commended by Pi Kappa Alpha International

Once again, Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity recognizes the outstanding support it has received from Beta Pi alumni.

The Spring 2018 issue of Shield and Diamond magazine lists 13 Beta Pi alumni as members of the President’s Council of the PiKA Foundation. To be a member of the President’s Council requires an annual gift of $1,000 or more. This is the largest contingent of donors of all 225 PiKA chapters and colonies.

The 13 members are Thomas Bates ’64, Joel Catania ’71, David Edman ’73, Jerome Herman ’72, Mitchell Karig ’76, Harvey Mackler ’72, Richard Myers ’69, Mark Perna ’68, Dr. Gary Sachs ’74, Richard Sussman ’69, Bruce Wolfson ’71, Paul Zaentz ’69, and Jeff Kaufman ’80 who has also achieved membership in the Lily of the Valley Society for lifetime gifts totaling $2,500 to $4,999.

Jeff Kaufman ’80 organized the annual Beta Pi dinner in New York City this past December. All those in attendance, who remember a featured address by Adam I. Wassell, Lambda Rho ’09, will be pleased to learn that Adam has been promoted to senior director of development covering “New York City, Boston, and major population areas in Pennsylvania.” Perhaps he can be persuaded to attend the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Beta Pi chapter that will occur in 2020.

The Shield and Diamond also printed a group photo of the undergraduate brothers of Beta Pi who participated in the 18th Annual Scott Mackler Memorial 5K. This annual event was started by Harvey Mackler ’72 in honor of his brother Scott ’77. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event is donated to the ALS Association of Philadelphia for the benefit of those who suffer from the debilitating disease ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Pi Kappa Alpha Int’l mistakenly attributed donations greater than $68,000 to the efforts of Beta Pi. This was the total amount raised this year from all sources at this charity event. The actual amount contributed by the undergraduates and alumni of Beta Pi was approximately $5,000, an amount comparable to previous years.

Beta Pi Stands Out
Beta Pi undergrads participated in the 18th annual Scott Mackler Memorial 5k.

Our thanks to all our undergraduate members for their participation in the 5K race, the active Beta Pi Chapter that makes a donation for each participating member, and to all alumni who show their generosity and loyalty to a deserving cause.

As much as PiKA Int’l overstated how much Beta Pi contributed to ALS, a misplaced comma resulted in the Shield and Diamond understatement of Beta Pi’s Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF). Beta Pi’s CEF of $210,201 is the largest by far of all PiKA chapters and colonies. The Shield and Diamond reported the amount as “$21, 0201.” The CEF is intended for the use of undergraduate members of the Beta Pi chapter to cover certain costs associated with attendance at Pi Kappa Alpha International functions such as PIKE University, conferences, and conventions.   

Jerry Herman ’72 was featured in an alumnus update regarding his establishment of Pathways LLC, a firm devoted to leadership and career transition coaching as well as strategic planning. On a humorous note, the Shield and Diamond presents him as a graduate of Penn State University. All of us who know and love Jerry know otherwise. He is a graduate of “Not Penn State”.