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Re-Visiting 1979 PiKA

A great collection of photos was posted to the alumni website about five years ago by brother Ira Horowitz '81. The year was 1979; a gallon of gas was $.86, "The Deer Hunter" and "Rocky II" and "Alien" premiered in theaters , the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series, Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" hit No. 1, the ESPN network was launched and Jimmy Carter was in the second year of his presidency...but where were YOU that year?

If your memory is having trouble re-booting, maybe this collection of photos from 1979 will help you locate some of those lost files. We're sure that PiKA had some fun that year!

The alumni website has a lot of great old pictures to check out. What we really want are the stories behind the photos. If you are one of the brothers in these pictures, please visit the website and go to the Submit Update page or send direct to our managing editor for consideration in a future newsletter. We want to hear from you!

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Photo Flashback Photo Flashback
Photo Flashback Photo Flashback