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Chapter NewsPi Kappa Alpha Seeks Recharter of NYC Alumni Association

On October 9, 2018, a gathering of Pi Kappa Alpha alumni met at the law offices of Joshua Fensterstock, SUNY Albany, to discuss a rechartering of the New York City Alumni Association of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Brother Fensterstock chaired the meeting of seven PiKA alumni, who originally came from various regions of the country but now call the Metro New York City area home, to discuss a recharter of an association that had great success in the past before a series of circumstances resulted in the association folding.

Others in attendance were John Belluardo, Syracuse University; Gabe Bryan, Texas Tech; Loren Basch, University of Utah; Josh Bruner, Southwestern University; Adam Schwartz, Towson University, and Morty Cohen, University of Pennsylvania.

Matters discussed were the objectives of the new association in light of a national trend to make fraternities more responsible to their schools, communities, and to its members, e.g. mentoring, networking and seeking undergraduate participation from local active PiKA chapters: New York University, Columbia University, Hofstra University, Montclair State College, and Rutgers University.

On the initiative of brother Fensterstock, the filing fee for the new association has been paid. By-laws have been prepared in accordance with PiKA International standards, and the seven “founding” members have various tasks to fulfill prior to the next meeting tentatively scheduled for November 15, 2018. One of the matters to be discussed at the next meeting is the creation of a survey to be sent to the approximate 7,000 Pike Alumni in the New York City metropolitan area seeking their input to gauge which activities they may have an interest in participating in a local alumni association. In addition, there will be an election of officers for the new association.

If you are interested in this new organization, you can contact Josh Fensterstock at