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Chapter Event RecapThird Annual NYC Beta Pi Dinner a Huge Success

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, the third annual NYC Beta Pi dinner, organized by Jeff Kaufman, and hosted by Adam “Murray” Amsterdam, was held at the Penn Club, 30 W.44th St., New York City.

A loud and spirited cocktail hour was held prior to dinner as 43 Beta Pi Alumni, primarily from the initiation years ’80 to ’85, renewed old acquaintances. This year also brought a large contingent of Beta Pi alumni initiated in the late 70’s.Chapter Event Recap

As the crowd broke off into groups of two, three, and four, brothers could be seen moving from one group to another. It certainly seemed that the 70’s and 80’s were being fondly remembered, as well as the manner of drinking beer: straight from the bottle. As the brothers circulated throughout the room, the energy and vibrancy of that era was apparent. As expected, it was a lively and fun evening.

Chapter Event Recap



The Smythe winning chapters of this generation are the epitome of Pi Kappa Alpha’s purpose for existence: “For the establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis”. The life-long friendships that were formed approximately 40 years ago still exist to this very day.

After a buffet style dinner, very short speeches were made. Jeff Kaufman thanked all who came and made special mention of Bruce Wolfson ’71 having been presented the International Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity’s highest achievement award, the Loyalty Award. Jeff’s question to the gathering, whether scheduling the dinner only two weeks prior to Christmas was the right time, brought an enthusiastic positive response. Expect the next dinner to be scheduled similarly.Chapter Event Recap

As President of the Beta Pi Alumni Association, Ross Weiner spoke to the importance of keeping all Beta Pi alumni aware and involved with the fraternity and the necessity of having sufficient funds to continue the monthly newsletters and Slices. The event continued long after the speeches. A good time was had by all.

Below is a list of all those who attended:

Jeff Abramowitz

Jim Adelsheim

Buddy Altus

Adam Amsterdam

Tony Auteri


Tom Brodie

Rich Buchwald

Mark Cohen

Morty Cohen

Rob Epstein

John Feder

Tom Fogarty


Pete Gordon

Michael Halpern

Jeff Himeles

Adam Hodes

Dave Horing

John Joseph

Larry Israeloff

Mitch Karig

Jeff Kaufman

Steve Kreichman

Jeff Lehman

Michael Monheit

Eric Morgenstern

Lawrence Orans

Rob Oringer

Ron Perilstein

Ron Pillar

Jimmy Post

Steve Potter

Paul Reszutek

Fred Rubin

Greg Sembler

Michael Shein

Bora Silva

Rob Stavis

Lee Weiner

Ross Weiner

Sam Weinstein

Steve Winston

Bruce Wolfson

Ken Wyman