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NIC Adopts Health and Safety Guidelines

On November 29, 2018, Pi Kappa Alpha and the 65 other inter/national fraternities belonging to the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) unanimously adopted guidelines pertaining to the use of alcohol and drugs by their members and in their Chapter Houses.

The NIC is a trade association for college fraternities. The 66 current members represent more than 6100 chapters located on more than 800 campuses with over 385,000 undergraduate members.

The purpose of the guidelines is to further the health and safety of fraternity members and their guests. It is expected that these guidelines will provide a minimum consistent course of conduct by fraternities on campus. Each inter/national fraternity and their individual chapters are free to apply more restrictive measures than those found in the guidelines.

The guidelines include restrictions on under age consumption of alcoholic beverages, and compliance with all existing campus, local, and federal drug laws. It specifically includes a ban on alcohol and drugs at any rush events, meetings, and any rituals and events. The NIC has taken a more responsible position regarding the purchase, use, and availability of alcohol as well as making it clear that the possession and use of illegal drugs by the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha and other member fraternities will not be tolerated. The ultimate result is to have members concentrate on scholastics, sports, and creating a positive influence on campus and the community by placing a greater emphasis on service rather than social aspects. For a complete review of all ten guidelines, click this link.

These guidelines continue the stated goal of the NIC to establish manners of behavior and courses of conduct that establish an acceptable level of behavior for the more than 385,000 members in the NIC. The NIC It is hopeful that any fraternity not in the NIC will also adopt similar guidelines for their own members.

The NIC has established a September 1, 2019 deadline for each member fraternity to integrate these guidelines into its own policies and implement them in its chapters.