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Alpha Phi Delta Corp. UpdateAnnual Beta Pi Alumni Association Meeting Held                  

Prior to the 2019 annual Founders Day event, the annual meeting of the Alpha Phi Delta Corp. and the Beta Pi Alumni Association was convened at the Inn at Penn. Ross Weiner ’80, President of the Beta Pi AA, chaired the meeting. The other Alumni Association officers, Bruce Wolfson ‘71, Vice President, Joel Catania ‘71, Treasurer, and Morty Cohen ‘65, Secretary, were all present. Also in attendance were Fred Bailey ‘70, Bill Kenney ‘69, Harvey Mackler ‘72, Dan Darkes ‘68, Steve Leventhal ‘67, Paul Zaentz ‘69, Mark Perna ‘68, Jeff Kaufman ‘80, Rich Myers ‘69, Ken Widelitz ’69, and Dave Edman ‘73. 

A good portion of the meeting was devoted to discussing a new housing policy that was recently announced by the University that would likely have a significant impact on Beta Pi and other fraternities at Penn. Beginning in the fall of 2021, Penn’s new housing policy would require all sophomores at Penn to live on campus in University housing, and that eligible housing would not include on-campus fraternities and sororities, even if their houses are owned and managed by Penn.

A committee was formed to look more closely into this matter in order to better understand the details of this policy and to access the potential impact to Beta Pi. The committee intends to reach out to alumni leaders at other fraternities, and may also consider how best to engage with the University administration on this issue. The committee is comprised of Jeff Kaufman, Rich Myers, Bruce Wolfson, Ross Weiner, and Morty Cohen.

Following the Alpha Phi Delta/Pi Kappa Alpha meeting, all in attendance were ready to join with other alumni and the undergraduate members of Beta Pi in celebration of Pi Kappa Alpha’s Founders Day.