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Chapter EventBeta Pi Creates Pikapalooza

Beta Pi’s undergraduate members have organized, put together, and staged one of the largest and most successful charitable events in the long history of Beta Pi.

On April 20, 2019, Beta Pi, under the leadership of Viruj  Menon, with the able assistance of Beta Pi’s philanthropy committee, comprised of Tyler Underwood, Nick Youssef, Nick Parkes, Brandon Kim, Nicky Aguzin, and Zachary Melchione, conceived and produced what has come to be known as Pikapalooza, a musical extravaganza, for the benefit of the ALS Association of Greater Philadelphia.

With permission of the University of Pennsylvania administration, the backlot of a campus location, 4040 Walnut Street, was transformed from an empty space into a music venue. Fitted with speakers and a sound system provided for and set up by Penn’s Social Planning and Events Committee, various musical groups were showcased and performed to the delight of the crowd. Three Penn sponsored musical groups, the Penn Glee Club Band; the Bloomers Band, an all-female company; and Penn Jazz, headlined the show. Other Penn student groups/bands that appeared and provided entertainment were Enohem, Slackwoods (featuring Beta Pi senior Daniel Leapman), Slowsie, NiSplash, and Mawi.

Approximately 250 people attended the festival and had a great time. Special mention and thanks are given to The Greek Lady food establishment, that donated food for the occasion, for its generosity and kindness. In addition, the scheduled four hour event featured games and a raffle.

Helping to secure the success of Pikapalooza was Ana Cruz, who created a spectacular branding campaign. Ms. Cruz is well known on campus for her graphic designs for many student organizations including her work formatting the front page of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

As a result of the efforts of all the aforementioned Beta Pi brothers, and all the other Beta Pi’s who contributed their time and efforts to ensure the success of Pikapalooza, a donation will be made to the ALS Association of Greater Philadelphia in excess of $2000.