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Beta Pi Attends Penn Alumni/Graduation Weekend

The University of Pennsylvania hosted a campus-wide Alumni/Graduation weekend from May 18-21, 2019. In attendance were many Beta Pi alumni.

Beta Pi alumni could be seen at various scheduled activities including an Art Gallery Hop, a Media panel, an Alumni Trustee meeting, a Mindfulness Workshop, the 60 Second Slam, and a panel on Black Hole discoveries.  

Attending Alumni weekend were the following Beta Pi alumni:


                                Paul Reszutek, Beta Pi ’76, Penn ‘79

                                Ron Perilstein, Beta Pi ’77, Penn ‘80

                                Woody Rosenbach, Beta Pi ’79, Penn ‘82

                                Ross Weiner, Beta Pi ’80, Penn ‘83

                                Adam Hodes, Beta Pi ’81, Penn ‘84

                                Jimmy Post, Beta Pi ’81, Penn ‘84

                                Ken Wyman, Beta Pi ’81, Penn ‘84

                                Josh Port, Beta Pi ’81, Penn ‘84

                                Eric Morgenstern, Beta Pi ’81, Penn ‘84

                                Robert Stavis, Beta Pi ’81, Penn ‘84

                                Brad Silver, Beta Pi ’86, Penn ‘89

Alumni Event Recap

Also in attendance was University of Pennsylvania Trustee, Alberto Chamorro, Beta Pi ’75, Penn ’78.

The highlight of every Alumni weekend is the Parade of Classes. Honors were given to brothers Woody Rosenbach and Ross Weiner who served as flagbearers for their respective classes, 1982 and 1983. This year was the 40th Anniversary year for the Penn class of 1979, the 35th for the Penn class of 1984, and the 30th for the Penn class of 1989.

Congratulations are extended to the following Beta Pi Alumni and their families who were on campus to celebrate the joyous occasion of having children graduating from Penn this year:

                                Jeff Kaufman, Beta Pi ’80, Penn ‘83

                                Parker Weil, Beta Pi ’85, Penn ‘88

                                Jeff Abramowitz, Beta Pi ’80, Penn ‘83

Sincere apologies to all other Beta Pi Alumni who attended Alumni/Graduation weekend and were not named in this article. Sorry to have not noticed your presence on this special weekend.