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Beta Pi in WashingtonMatt Klapper, Beta Pi '02 Takes Leading Role in Cory 2020

Though there are approximately two dozen candidates contending for the Democratic nomination to run for President, only one is in the capable hands of a Beta Pi alumnus.  As he has for several years, Matt Klapper, Beta Pi ’02, Penn ‘05, is the Chief of Staff for Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.

Brother Klapper first met Cory Booker when now Senator Booker was a city councilman in Newark, New Jersey. City Councilman Booker came to speak at Matt’s high school. A friendship began that, nearly twenty years later, has now culminated in Matt being chief of staff and senior advisor charged with the responsibilities of devising and directing Senator Booker’s Presidential Campaign: CORY 2020.

In recognition of his influence and achievements, the National Democrat Party chose brother Klapper as a person to be “watched” and was highlighted on the Democrat “PartyPeoplePodcast”. Matt was described as “one of the most loyal, idealistic and hardest-working people in politics”.        

After graduating from Penn, Matt graduated from Yale Law School. While at Penn, and later Yale, Matt maintained his close relationship with Senator Booker as well as being a firefighter in Summit, New Jersey. A feature article on brother Klapper’s extraordinary life as a lawyer, confidant to Cory Booker, and a fireman, appeared in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of The Pennsylvania Gazette. Click HERE to read the article.

At Penn, Matt served as President of his class for all four years. At the same time, he was always an active member of Beta Pi. Matt was recognized by his classmates as one of the best and brightest of his class when he was presented the Spoon, the oldest of the senior class men’s leadership awards. The Spoon is symbolic of first honors, the highest of the four prestigious awards presented to senior class men on Ivy Day each year.

Cory Booker can have no better person directing his campaign.