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Pi Kappa Alpha Adopts Vietnamese Girl

As the conflict in Vietnam was just starting, Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Pi brothers showed their generosity and compassion for the people of Vietnam by “adopting” a young poverty-stricken third-grade Vietnamese girl.

Although the headline in the October 22, 1962 edition of the Daily Pennsylvanian states “Pi Kap Alpha Aids Orphan“, the article mentions that young Nguyen Thi Mai Lan does have a father and mother. The father earns 45 cents per day to support his family of seven, including Lan’s mother who suffers abdominal cancer.

The article also mentions Lan hoped to become a school teacher but would be unable to do so without financial assistance. This assistance came, thanks to Pi Kappa Alpha, by a monthly grant to pay for food, clothing, and medical care administered through the charity The Foster Parents’ Plan.

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