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Undergraduate Update
From left to right are Ronak Bhagia, Kaden Stenger

Beta Pi Attends the Academy

On August 1-4, 2019, a three-man delegation representing Beta Pi attended The Academy, PIKE University’s annual officer leadership training program, at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. The three undergraduate members to attend were Kaden Stenger, Ronak Bhagia, and Jae Chung, all Beta Pi ’19.

The purpose of The Academy is to provide undergraduate members of Pi Kappa Alpha with the necessary training to succeed in the daily operation and leadership of the undergraduate chapters. Pi Kappa Alpha is widely recognized as having the most comprehensive and finest educational programs of any fraternity or sorority in the United States.

During their time in Memphis, the three Beta Pi representatives attended classes such as Membership Development, Enhancing Chapter Operations, Hazing Awareness, The History of Ritual, and Rushing.

Time was spent with brothers from Drexel University, as well as other chapters. In addition, our representatives were able to talk at length with Bruce Wolfson, Beta Pi ’71, as well as members of the International/National Supreme Council, including the current President of Pi Kappa Alpha.

The dedication and enthusiasm to Pi Kappa Alpha, generated by attendance and participation at the Academy, can not be better said than this communication from Kaden Stenger, by clicking on this link. Do not read this article without reading this link. If you read this link, you will understand and appreciate the importance of attending The Academy and other PIKE University events.

The Beta Pi Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF), administered by the Pike Foundation of Inter/National Pi Kappa Alpha, covers the registration fees and most of the meals when attending The Academy. For many years, Beta Pi has the largest CEF of all the chapters and colonies of Pi Kappa Alpha.  More of Beta Pi’s active undergraduate members should take advantage of the generosity of Beta Pi’s alumni members whose donations have established a CEF that is now self-sustaining.

Because the donations to a CEF were tax-deductible, distribution from the fund is governed by IRS rules that allow the CEF to be used only for educational and charitable purposes. Additional costs, such as travel, lodging, and the cost of meals not provided by The Academy, may not be reimbursed from the CEF.  

Undergraduate Update
Left to Right: Ronak Bhagia, Kaden Stenger, Jae Chung and Bruce Wolfson

It was necessary for brothers Stenger, Bhagia, and Chung, all full-time students at Penn during the school year, and faced with paying tuition and other expenses associated with residing at Penn, to pay the “additional costs” mentioned above. 

The Beta Pi Alumni Association is dedicated to encouraging and supporting our undergraduate brothers to take advantage of all the opportunities that Pi Kappa Alpha presents them. Each of the three representatives was asked to contribute an amount toward the “additional costs” of their trip that was possible for them to bear. The balance was to be subsidized by the Beta Pi Alumni Association. After they paid for their travel and hotel, the Beta Pi Alumni Assoc. reimbursed them in the total amount of $1652.06.

The Beta Pi Alumni Assoc. maintains an Undergraduate Assistance Fund to be used, when necessary, for the benefit of our undergraduate brothers. Besides providing financial assistance to any active member to attend The Academy and other PIKE University events, this fund subsidizes the cost of Founders Day dinner for our undergraduate members. This is another expenditure where your dues and donations are spent: helping our undergraduate brothers to become scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen (SLAG).   In addition, the Beta Pi Alumni Assoc. bears the costs associated with the monthly emailed newsletters and biannual printed issues of Slices of Beta Pi.

The Beta Pi Alumni Assoc. 2019-20 fiscal year has just begun. To all those who have contributed in the past, the Beta Pi Alumni Assoc. thanks you and hopes that this year you will again make a contribution. If you enjoy receiving our newsletters and Slices, and respect and appreciate our dedication to assisting our undergraduate brothers to become better persons, please show your approval with a donation.

Undergraduate Update
Bruce Wolfson

Founders Day 2020 will mark the 100th year of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Pennsylvania. There can be no better time to “pay forward” your debt to all Pi Kappa Alpha has meant to you by donating in any amount and/or attending Founders Day on campus on Saturday, March 28, 2020. Make Founders Day 2020 special. Make a special effort to attend. If you wish to contact others of your era re attending together, contact Morty Cohen, Beta Pi ’65, at to obtain current email addresses. Use the subject line: Beta Pi.