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PHILANTHROPY FLASHBACKThe November 4, 1983, issue of the Daily Pennsylvanian reports that Pi Kappa Alpha at Penn will be sponsoring a party to benefit the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Apparently, the event was scheduled to be held at the Hilton Hotel with live music to be provided by radio station Power 99. The event was expected to raise “at least $2,000”.

In addition, this particular event had a greater importance. Beta Pi Chapter led all fraternities on Penn’s campus in the 1960’s in the cultural diversity of its’ members. PiKA was the only fraternity on campus, at that time, that had a significant diversity in membership. Once again, Beta Pi broke new ground with this event. Co-sponsoring the fund-raising party was Alpha Phi Alpha, a black fraternity.

Despite both fraternities being on Penn’s campus, Pi Kappa Alpha was a member of the Interfraternity Council, comprised of predominantly “white” fraternities. Alpha Phi Alpha was a member of the Black InterGreek Council, comprised of predominantly “black” fraternities.

The interaction of PiKA and Alpha Phi Alpha, in planning and coordinating this event, set new standards of cooperation amongst Penn students for other fraternities to copy. PiKA leads by example.

The Alpha Phi Alpha social chairman, John Nixon, said, “The underlying reason for the party is to show that we think a black and a white fraternity can work together and hopefully it will set a precedent.”