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Pi Kappa Alpha National/International Fraternity (PiKA) has released the 2018 Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. In 1868, Pi Kappa Alpha had six members. In its sesquicentennial year 2018, Pi Kappa Alpha had over 15,500 students as active members.

PiKA is determined to help all its members to maximize their personal development and leadership abilities. By offering the PIKE University program, an educational experience that is widely recognized by university administrators and independent analysts as the finest fraternity-based education available, PiKA continues to grow in its number of chapters and members, and national reputation.

PiKA relies on the financial support of its chapters and alumni to maintain its programs to succeed in its mission to aid its members. In 2018, over $1.4 million was granted to students, chapters, housing projects, and PIKE University.

Beta Pi donors in 2018 to the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation, formerly under the leadership and guidance of Bruce Wolfson ’71, were Mark Bodner ’79, J. Conrad Bosley ’61, Joel Catania ’71, David Edman ’73, Jerome Goldberg ’74, Mitchell Goldsmith ’72, Jerry Herman ’72, Chawner Hurd ’80, Jeff Kaufman ’80, Steve Leventhal ’67, Adam Michaels ‘97, Maurice Moskowitz ‘58, Richard Myers ’69, Mark Perna ’68, Don Schreiber ’47, Michael Selikoff ’75, Richard Solit ’86, Anthony Stagliano ’64, Richard Sussman ’69, David Weiss ’64, Bruce Wolfson ’71, Ralph Young Jr. ’51, and Paul Zaentz ’69.    

Thank you to all mentioned above and all others who donate their time and money to ensure the continuing success of Pi Kappa Alpha.