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Bruce and Ellen Wolfson proudly announce two happy occasions in the Wolfson family. Last month, daughter Sarah was married to Dan Butler from Elon, North Carolina. Mr. Butler, a proud member of the Coast Guard Reserves, exchanged vows in full dress uniform. Daughter Tamara will be marrying Anna Posner, a native of England. There will be two glorious wedding days next year for Tamara and Anna as they will be wed in the United States and, on a separate occasion, in England.

All Penn alumni are pleased that the Penn football team won the football game against Brown on November 2, 2019. Making the occasion extra special is that this football game was Penn’s 1400th  football game against intercollegiate competition. No other NCAA college football team, at any level of competition, has ever played 1400 games. This marks another first for the University of Pennsylvania.

In response to the continuing success of his documentary, COUP 53, Paul Zaentz, Beta Pi ’69, is receiving nation-wide requests for private showings of his new film, including a request from the University of Pennsylvania.