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Fourth Annual Beta Pi Dinner a HitA day that started with a heavy snow and ended with a constant rain could not keep Jeff Kaufman’s fourth annual Beta Pi dinner from being a success. On December 11, 2019, 41 hardy Beta Pi Alumni withstood the elements to enjoy a rousing reception and fabulous dinner at Ben and Jack’s Steak House in New York City.

In the weeks prior to the event, Brother Kaufman solicited photographs from the Alumni, relating to Beta Pi members and their activities during their time at Penn. Jeff turned these photographs into a slide show that was a big hit for all in attendance. Brothers were able to revive their memories and relive their time at Penn. There was an abundance of pictures from spring breaks, spring flings (skimmer), parties, formals, intramural sports, and candid photos taken in the Chapter House. Besides the slides from the late 70’s and early 80’s, there were pictures of Julia, George, and Ted. Also shown were Brothers from preceding eras such as Gregg Ormond ‘74, Dave Edman ‘73, Jerry Herman ‘72, Bob LaBonde ‘69, Nick Chimicles ‘67, and John F. E. Hippel ’20. To everyone on Brother Kaufman’s email list, Robert Ball ‘78, sent the following message, “I do not remember, unfortunately, all the fun we had at PiKA and U. of P. and from the photos, we young adventurers had a great time! Thanks for the pictures to all you old photographers! Bringing back those memories is truly priceless!”. Well stated. The slide show played on a continuous loop throughout the cocktail hour and dinner.

During the cocktail hour, 41 Brothers broke into small groups to discuss old times, present times, and the future. Main topics of conversation centered on family and careers. In regard to “careers”, retirement was a major topic.

As Brothers sought each other out, the small groups for conversation were constantly changing. Except for Parker Weil’s (Beta Pi ’85) get-together in the spring, this is the only time many of the attendees could actually see each other to check out hairlines and waist lines. In attendance were Jeff Abramowitz ’80, Jim Adelsheim ’81, Buddy Altus ’80, Adam Amsterdam ’79, Tony Auteri ’78, Tom Brodie ’81, Rich Buchwald ’77, Morty Cohen ’65, Rob Epstein ’83, John Feder ’80, Tom Fogarty ’81, Joel Friedland ’74, Larry Gordon ’72, Keith Gottlieb ’83, Mike Halpern ’80, Adam Hodes ’81, David Horing ’81, Larry Israeloff ’83, John Joseph ’80, Jeff Kaufman ’80, Mike Krebs ’79, Tony Lundy ’80, Harvey Mackler ’72, Eric Morgenstern ’81, Lawrence Orans ’80, Rob Oringer ’79, Ron Perilstein ’77, Ron Pillar ’83, Jimmy Post ’81, Paul Reszutek ’76, Marc Rothman ’82, Greg Sembler ’80, Tom Shandell ’80, Bora Sila ’80, Rob Stavis ’81, Lee Weiner ’77, Ross Weiner ’80, Sam Weinstein ’81, Steve Winston ’77, and Bruce Wolfson ’71.

Fourth Annual Beta Pi Dinner a Hit
The New Member Class of 1980

There must have been a great deal to discuss as everyone was reluctant to take seats when dinner was called. After everyone was seated, they enjoyed Ben and Jack’s famous New York Sirloin Steak, Filet Mignon, and other choices. The meal ended with dessert platters featuring an array of desserts that would destroy anyone’s attempts to diet.

After the meal, a group picture was taken and everyone returned to pre-dinner activities: reliving old times and maintaining life-long friendships. The Brothers of this era constitute a remarkable group, including the new member class of 1980 that had 12 members, and the new member class of 1981 that had 9 members, in attendance.

Thanks to Jeff Kaufman, Beta Pi ’80, for organizing another successful Alumni event.


Slides from the 4th Annual Beta Pi Dinner

Fourth Annual Beta Pi Dinner a Hit
At the Barge, somebody missed his sign. Thank you Ira Horowitz '79 for the photo.


Fourth Annual Beta Pi Dinner a Hit
Hat Day Celebration. Thank you Ross Wiener '80 for the photo.
Fourth Annual Beta Pi Dinner a Hit
Dream Girl Formal. Thank you Marc Rothman '82 for the photo.
Fourth Annual Beta Pi Dinner a Hit
Barbecue at the Chapter House. Thank you Jimmy Post '81 for the photo.