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Philanthropy FlashbackOn February 21, 1977, The Daily Pennsylvanian published a front page article detailing the efforts of Penn students volunteering to man the telephones for a telethon sponsored by the Kite and Key Society in furtherance of the University of Pennsylvania’s Third Annual Giving Telethon. This fund-raising effort was intended to raise unrestricted funds for Penn to use for various purposes, including scholarships for Penn students. This was the first year that Pi Kappa Alpha participated in this annual event.

After completion of the telethon, a record $37,876 was collected, an increase of $7,000 from the previous year. The project chairman stated that one of the reasons for the increased donations from the telethon was due to fraternity competition. Prizes were to be awarded to the fraternity that had the most success.

Pi Kappa Alpha finished first of all participating fraternities. Leonard Mongiello, Beta Pi ’76, won individual recognition for the highest donor count. As a reward for finishing first, Penn planned to host a party in honor of Pi Kappa Alpha. In addition, a $2500 scholarship was created, in the name of Pi Kappa Alpha, to be given to an incoming freshman.

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