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 Faux Founders Day a Success   The annual Faux Founders Day celebration, organized by Parker Weil, Beta Pi ’85, was held at the Mason Jar Tavern in midtown Manhattan on March 5, 2020. This year, approximately 25 Pi Kappa Alpha brothers celebrated 100 years of Beta Pi on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Robert Heffes, Beta Pi 83, had the distinction of having traveled the greatest distance to attend. His hometown is Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Pi Kappa Alpha was given the prime location in the facility. It occupied the entire front portion of the establishment that featured large windows to the sidewalk and street. As each PiKA approached from outside, he was given a big cheer as he was able to reach the front door. Once inside, he found PiKAs enjoying ribs, wings, and various beverages.   

This was a generally younger crowd than in attendance at the 4th Annual Beta Pi dinner last December that was organized by Jeff Kaufman, Beta Pi ’80. Most of the attendees at Faux Founders Day were initiated in the latter part of the 1980s. Those in attendance separated into smaller groups that was followed by movement from one group to another for conversation. A group photo was taken towards the end of the evening. It was clear that everyone was enjoying the moment and thankful to have been given this opportunity to see each other again.  

Thanks goes to Parker Weil for having organized this event.