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New York City Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni Assoc. Founders Day 2020On February 27, 2020, approximately 16 New York City Pikes gathered at the Ainsworth Tavern, in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, to celebrate the 152nd Anniversary of the founding of Pi Kappa Alpha.  

This Founders Day event featured PiKAs from schools in Illinois, Texas, D.C., Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York. What they shared was wings, burgers, refreshments, and most important: a love of Pi Kappa Alpha. Beta Pi was represented by Morty Cohen ’65 and Bruce Wolfson ’71. Good conversation and comradery formed the basis for an interesting and delightful evening.  

The NYC Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni Association welcomes all PiKAs, living and/or working in the metropolitan New York City area, to join their fraternity brothers in their social gatherings. See for yourself how the “…establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis” does extend past graduation. Get together with other brothers of your era to attend these functions. You will be glad you did. Watch for future events.   

New York City Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni Assoc. Founders Day 2020