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ZOOM ENABLES BETA PI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION TO CONDUCT ANNUAL MEETING A last-minute suggestion by Todd Wieseneck, Beta Pi ’72, to Bruce Wolfson, Beta Pi ’71, that the annual meeting of the Alpha Phi Delta Housing Corp. and the Beta Pi Alumni Association (AA) could be held as a Zoom meeting came to fruition. Brother Wolfson sent email invitations to alumni who had indicated they would be attending Founders Day as originally scheduled, and to all undergraduate officers of Beta Pi, to “attend” a zoom meeting. Those Beta Pi alumni invited, besides Wolfson, were  Gary Sachs ’74, Paul Newman ’73, Ross Weiner ’80, Eric Morgenstern ’81, Jerry Herman ’72, Rich Sussman ’69, Joel Catania ’71, Joe DiMauro ’75, Joel Levine ’70, Harvey Mackler ’72, Morty Cohen ’65, Fred Rubin ’80, Paul Zaentz ’69, Tom Fogarty ’81, Jeff Kaufman ’80, Bruce Sanft ’65, Rich Myers ’69, Dave Edman ’73, Ed Shamy ’74, Steve Leventhal ’67, Larry Wieseneck ’84, Michael Yost  ‘74, Lou Tarnoff ’72, and Alan Rosenblatt ’73. From this distinguished group, at least 22 were able to “attend” the meeting, chaired by AA President Ross Weiner, Beta Pi ’80,  at the same time and on the same date as the original scheduled meeting.  

Of major concern was the Penn administration’s new housing policy, to begin in the fall of 2021, that sophomore members of all fraternities and sororities will be required to live in University housing. Fraternity and sorority Chapter Houses will not be considered as University housing. The timing of this new administrative requirement coincides with the expected opening of a new dorm by the University that is presently under construction. Connor McQuillan, Beta Pi ’18, current undergraduate SMC, brought the alumni up to date on the latest developments of Penn’s new policy. Penn will no longer require fraternities to maintain a 90% occupancy rate in the chapter houses Penn manages. Penn does manage the Beta Pi Chapter House. Rather than insisting on a percentage of filled bedrooms, Penn will be looking at the “trend” of occupancy. If the occupancy level decreases for three consecutive years and/or rents fall to a point that Penn is managing a particular house at a financial loss, Penn will take corrective measures and rent the house to non-members during the summer. This information greatly relieved the anxiety of the undergraduate members and the alumni. In the school year starting this fall, the Beta Pi Chapter House will be full.  

Joel Catania, Treasurer of the AA, proclaimed that the present financial status of the AA is very good. He informed the alumni that the AA has been running in a surplus the last few years. Despite the increase in costs associated with Affinity, the company that distributes the monthly AA eletters, prints and mails the biannual Slices of Beta Pi, maintains the Beta Pi website, and spearheads AA fundraising, the AA is now in the best shape it has been for many years. Of primary importance, the AA has received many large donations these past three years.  

Bruce Wolfson, AA Vice President, discussed Beta Pi’s relationship to Pi Kappa Alpha Inter/national. Beta Pi, as it has been for many years, is highly respected by PiKA Inter/national. Brother Wolfson reminded everyone that Beta Pi has the highest Chapter Endowment Fund of all PiKA chapters. This fund, tax deductible for all donations, is required by law to be used solely for educational purposes. It is used to defray certain costs of all undergraduate members when attending PIKE University, considered the finest educational program of all college fraternities, and other national educational events e.g. the annual leadership conference. Having the CEF is particularly important as our undergraduate members are increasingly taking advantage of all Pi Kappa Alpha has to offer in terms of learning leadership and management.  

Lastly, brother Wolfson mentioned that the AA is seeking greater participation among the alumni by volunteering their time and expertise to continue the success of Beta Pi on Penn’s campus. If Beta Pi has had a positive influence on your life by developing your leadership skills, improving your ability to interact with others in the business world and your community, and the creation of life-long friendships, help our undergraduate members and others to do the same. Volunteer. The AA is looking for alumni to help the AA Treasurer, Joel Catania, to maintain the financial records of the AA. Joel can be reached at The AA secretary, Morty Cohen, who prepares the articles that appear in the monthly eletters and in the biannual print editions of Slices, is seeking assistance. Are there any former Daily Pennsylvanian writers available? Morty can be reached at 

Harvey Mackler began a discussion as to the status of the awards usually presented at the Founders Day dinner. It was decided that the annual awards will be reconsidered when classes reconvene in September 2020. 

The Beta Pi Alumni Association asks that all Beta Pi alumni and undergraduate members and their families and loved ones be safe and be healthy in these challenging times.