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Beta Pi Enjoys First ZOOM Happy HourDespite the necessity of social distancing and separation due to the coronavirus, Beta Pi successfully conducted its first internet Happy Hour.

On Friday, April 24, 2020, inspired and planned by Mark Bodner ’79, and sponsored on ZOOM by Bruce Wolfson ‘71, Beta Pi brothers were able to enjoy an evening of camaraderie and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

On very short notice, 15 brothers were able to break away, from their essential employment and/or the usual household duties, to bask in the warmth of the company of their fraternity brothers. Besides brothers Bodner and Wolfson, attending the event were Tom Brodie ’79, Eric Morgenstern ’81, Ross Weiner ’80, Jeff Lehman ’79, Woody Rosenbach ’79, Scott Rothbort ’79, Lawrence Orans ’80, John Feder ’80, Tom Fogarty ’81, Mike Bobrick ’77, Jeff Kaufman ’80, Bill Christian ’79, and Buddy Altus ’80.

All Beta Pi brothers should salute Dr. Eric Morgenstern ’81, who has worked on the front lines helping those afflicted with the coronavirus. Dr. Morgenstern took two weeks off from his medical practice to volunteer his services in the COVID-19 Units at New York University.

Besides discussing the “good old days”, this event allowed everyone to catch up with current personal news. While enjoying martinis, wine, and beer (particularly Yuengling), conversations focused on how each participant was dealing with the isolation and quarantine made necessary by the current pandemic. Medical and financial insights and advice were exchanged by those with expertise in these areas to all concerned. The evening had its serious moments as well as the usual lighthearted moments.

Altogether, it was a great event and a blessing for those seeking companionship, during these trying times, with their life-long friends from Pi Kappa Alpha. Thanks again to Mark Bodner and Bruce Wolfson for making this enthusiastic Happy Hour possible.